Host Credentials

Host Credentials of Your Oracle: Hmmm…

When my Oracle Server was down yesterday, I’ve found the same problem when trying Oracle for the first time. What’s the problem? It’s host credentials. When opening Enterprise Manager, one of the database is unavailable and needed to be opened. But, when trying to startup it, I must enter the username and password that have the "log on as batch job" access. Someone who has "log on as batch job" access can startup the database. Wait a minute, here’s the step by step to add a account who has special access.

  1. Enter your Control Panel by clicking Start button
  2. Choose Administrative Tools
  3. And then Local Security Policy
  4. There’re some options (), open Local Policies
  5. Click User Rights Assignment
  6. Find this policy: Log on as Batch Job
  7. Right click it, Properties
  8. Add User or Group. Add the username who will "log on as batch job" access
  9. Make sure username you’ve entered is shown in the list. OK.
Actually, what’s host credentials? It’s username and password for Windows user who creates and owns Oracle Database. In the reality, it connects with user who could run "batch job", executes %ORACLE_HOME%/bin and has an access to the database.

Okey, getting headache when troubleshooting Oracle? Just enjoy it!