Virtual Pc 2007 Suse server 10 sp1 sound

When you first install suse server sp1 on virtual pc 2007, sound card does not detected.
To enable sound card  go to "control panel" select "sound". Select "add" when sound cards listed.
From list select "Creative" on left, and select "SB 16" on right side. Click next. 

Slow Mouse on Virtual PC 2007

If you have slow graphics performance and mouse responsiveness in the Windows Vista guest operating system, this is due to Windows Vista has display adapter hardware acceleration disabled by default. To enable display hardware acceleration in a Windows Vista guest OS, open the Control Panel, then click on Display Properties control panel and go to the Settings tab, and click Advanced. Open the Troubleshoot tab, drag the Hardware acceleration slider all the way to Full. 

bootskin pallette

Stardock’s Bootskin freeware is a good software to change your bootskins easily. You can download it from stardock’s website.
If you try to create your own bootskin, you will have some diffuculties about pallette. Your image could have some weird colors. If your try to change your image pallette it wont work, because the problem is not in your main image pallete, it is in your progress bar image pallette. I am using paint shop pro to edit my images.To solve this pallette problem,you must save your main image pallette and load it to the progress bar image pallette.
Here is a preview of the bootskin that i merged a "Stargate" image and a Calligrafic "Bismillah" image.