netbeans 7.4 maven javaee javadocs not found

I am developing for a project, and sometimes I encounter some codes that I would like to read the documentations about. But I am having “Javadoc not found” in my tooltip,and attaching javadocs in my netbeans. Also there is this online api documentation (Online Java EE API Docs) but sometimes its a bit tedious for checking it everytime, is there a way that i can integrate it somehow in my netbeans?

I tried the Attach Javadoc… button below, but nothing seem to work.

enter image description here

Also, if you have a link where i can download a .jar of java-ee-apidocs, thanks. I already tried downloaded Java EE 6 Update 2 Javadocs, are there updated versions for Java EE7? Thanks!


Answer :

Go to Tools > servers > select_your_server > Javadoc
Click Add Zip/Folder
Browse for


I am using tomcat and glassfish. After i add to tomcat javadoc as said in the answer i was able to see javadocs.