Audio driver for Windows Server 2008 on Virtual Pc 2007

If you are setting a Vista Virtual PC image up in Virtual PC 2007 you’ll soon realise that the audio doesn’t work. You’ll do a bit of Googling and find that Virtual PC 2007 has a ’special’ audio set up just for Vista but good luck to you finding information about how you actually get it running. I eventually stumbled on the answers.

It turns out that when you install the Virtual Machine Additions, the sound drivers are copied to “C:\Program Files\Virtual Machine Additions”. They aren’t actually installed, just stuck in there. So, go to Device Manager and ‘update’ the driver, tell it you have the disk and point it to the path above.

Hp Laserjet 2200d – Two side printing

Hp Laserjet 2200d – Two side printing

After installing printer driver you must activate two side printing
by going printer properties then  device settings and select "enabled"
for two sided printing.

While printing a document you must select print double sided in
printer settings window. The printer will first print one side then it will
take paper back and print back side.